Missing Teeth

Tooth loss can be caused by many different reasons and conditions, such as tooth decay, dental infection, genetically missing teeth and trauma to the mouth. The main reason patients want to replace their missing teeth is appearance. The other valid reason is that greater strain is put on the teeth at either side. Your “bite” is also affected because the teeth next to the space can lean into the gap over time and alter the way the upper and lower teeth bite together. This may lead to food packing in the gap, which causes tooth decay and gum disease. The best option for replacing missing teeth depends on the number of missing teeth and on where they are in the mouth. The condition of the remaining teeth also affects the decision. The main options include: 1)     Dental implants 2)     Fixed bridges 3)     Removable dentures Implants are certainly the most modern method of replacing missing teeth with an excellent long-term prognosis. All options will be discussed when you attend at your consultation.